High-Rise Hotels is headquartered in Florence, South Carolina. Established in 1989, High-Rise Hotels manages a portfolio of 20 hotels encompassing over 1800 rooms, and employs over 400 associates throughout North and South Carolina.

Touch on Approach to Guest Service

At High-Rise Hotels our guest are always our top priority. We ensure their satisfaction through several methods. Looking to the future, as we continue to grow, our aim is to be of the utmost value to the community by providing outstanding and endless hospitality.

Through observing product quality and quality of service we are able to regularly measure the company's performance and effectiveness within the community and on a much broader scale. By providing a consistent experience to our guests, we build a robust reputation each day and continue to grow exponentially.

Our philosophy is designed to consistently go above and beyond expectations otherwise be passionate about rebounding. We focus on preaching unconditional guest satisfaction by implementing best practices and incentives. Our best practices are designed to produce creativity by thinking outside the box which requires the utmost contribution and dedication from all staff members. Our associates practice real life scenarios, understand the importance of guest satisfaction and online presence and ratings.

We believe our company is designed to get the results we want because results are not unplanned but rather an outcome of the way we strategize, implement and evaluate the organization's overall purpose and performance in the market.